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Collect and coordinate the cutest costumes! A New Play Style for Nendoroids!

Nendoroid Co-de are figures that keep the same cute, palm-sized appearance of Nendoroid figures, but they are placed in a fixed pose, and separated into four specific parts that can be swapped between other Nendoroid Co-de figures. Swapping these parts between characters allows you to coordinate your very own outfits for each character!

Cute to Display. Fixed poses make them easy to put on display right out of the box! Approx. 10cm in height! Nendoroid Co-de figures are the same size as Nendoroid figures - standing around 10cm in height. Head and expression parts can also be swapped with Nendoroid figures! Fun to Coordinate. The outfits of Nendoroid Co-de figures can be mixed and matched to create original costumes! Great to Collect! The more you collect, the more outfit combinations open up! They are also affordably-priced to easily allow fans to start a collection!
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