Information Notice and Apology Regarding MODEROID TYPE-J9 Griffon Flight & Aqua Unit Set and MODEROID TYPE-J9 Griffon


Thank you for your continued support of Good Smile Company products.

This notice is to inform you that a defect was found in some units of the following products which began shipping out from the 20th of August, 2021.

Applicable Products
Good Smile Company
MODEROID TYPE-J9 Griffon (JAN:4580590142121)
MODEROID TYPE-J9 Griffon Flight & Aqua Unit Set (JAN:4580590142138)

Defect Details
A molding defect can be found in part A12 in some units.

Left: Correct, Right: Defective (Face part mold appears chipped in some cases.)

Support Procedure

■Customers who Purchased from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP

Customers who purchased from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will receive a replacement part at the address originally provided for shipping the product. (Products will begin shipping out from mid-September.)

■Customers who Purchased from Shops Other than the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP

We ask customers who purchased from shops other than the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP to contact our customer support department with the following information.

・Phone Number
・Postal Code
・Number of Units Purchased
・Photo of Defective Part(s)

Replacement parts will be shipped out to customers in the order that inquiries are received starting from mid-September.

*Support for this defect will be offered for two years starting from the post date of this notice.

Customer Support
Web Form:

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding in this matter.
We will be strengthening our product inspection procedures in order to prevent defects in the future.

Good Smile Company