Release Date: 2009/02

figma Juohmaru (Original Edition): JPWA Tag Tournament ver.

This is where everything started! The original figma, Juohmaru!

Plawres Sanshiro is a manga that began in the 80's which quickly received an anime adaption. Even now it still holds popularity with its many fans, and now a figma of the PlaWrestler Juohmaru is on its way!

The figma project was originally created as a joint effort between Masaki Asai and Max Factory using these figures as concept models - and now that we have reached the first year anniversary of figma, what better a time could there be to release the two figures that started the figma legend?

  • The original concept model behind the creation of the figma series of figures.
  • Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out various scenes.
  • The detail and care put into the muscles is stunningly accurate, creating a figure with more body than ever before.
  • A flexible plastic was used between the legs, making sure that proportions were kept, without compromising the posability.
  • Three faces are included, including an expressionless face, and various hand parts are also included allowing for a virtually unlimited number of poses.
  • Comes with a poseable figma stand that makes it possible to recreate various scenes.

Product Details

Product Name
figma Juohmaru (Original Edition): JPWA Tag Tournament ver. (ふぃぐま じゅうおうまる(げんさくばん) JPWAたっぐとーなめんとver.)
Plawres Sanshiro
Max Factory
Release Date
Complete painted ABS&PVC poseable figure - not to scale - approximately 135mm in height
Masaki Asai - Max Factory
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