Release Date: 2010/11

GSR Cars: American Muscle Series 04 - 1970 Dodge Challenger (Panther Pink)

The vivid Panther Pink - with bumblebee stipes!

A special charming MOPER MUSCLE model car! With the Panther Pink body paint, and the SE model of the Dodge Challenger which included a vinyl roof, leather seats and a Rallye instrument cluster. Even the smaller rear window of the SE model has been carefully modeled into miniature size. All that, and it is even painted with the popular bumblebee stripe to boot. It's the ultimate Challenger for avid collectors!

The GSR Cars: American Muscle Series is a series that aims to create new generation 1/43th scale mini-cars with the deepest care for details. Digital planning is used to make sure that every model is made to specifications, even through mass production; the bodies are made from high quality ABS-resin, and painted with top quality paints to truly leave you with a realistic and perfectly made model of your favorite cars!

Product Details

Product Name
GSR Cars: American Muscle Series 04 - 1970 Dodge Challenger (Panther Pink) (GSRかーず・あめりかんまっする・しりーず04 だっじ ちゃれんじゃー (ぱんさーぴんく)1970)
1970 Dodge Challenger (Panther Pink)
Miniature Car
Release Date
Released by
Good Smile Racing
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
100% digitally planned 1/43 scale mini-car with an ABS-resin body and diecast chasis. Base included. Planned in Japan; made in China
Approximately 114mm
Body Color
Panther Pink
Sculpting Planner
Noriaki Miyata
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