Release Date: 2011/08

Black Rock Shooter Curry & Charm Set: BRS ver./DM ver.

The famous 'Black Rock Curry' sold at events is back for everyone to try!

At various Hobby Events around Japan including Wonder Festival 2010 and the Black Rock Shooter Festival 2010, Indotei's famous Black Rock Curry has always been one of the most popular choices of food - and now that curry is available in a pre-packaged sachet ready for anyone to heat up and enjoy!

Plus each packet of curry comes with a Black Rock Shooter charm designed by the famous CHAN x CO, the same illustrator behind those adorable BRS Nendoroid expressions! You get to enjoy the unique taste of Black Rock Curry together with a charm of either Black Rock Shooter or Dead Master!

Product Details

Product Name
Black Rock Shooter Curry & Charm Set: BRS ver./DM ver. (ぶらっく★ろっくしゅーたー かれー&ちゃーむせっと BRS ver./DM ver.)
Black Rock Shooter
B★RS Project
¥1,048 Each  
Release Date
Curry Nutritional Information (per 200g Bag) : Energy: 325kcal, Protien: 14.6g, Fat: 20.4g, Cabohydrates: 20.8g, Sodium: 838mg
Charm: Non-scale painted PVC accessory, approximately 30mm in height.
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
1 Sachet of pre-made curry and one charm character. (The curry between the two versions is identical.)
Curry by
Indotei Indian Restaurant
Sold at
Circle K Sunkus Official Catalog 'Karuwaza Online Select' (Can be found in all Circle K Sunkus Stores.)
©huke / B★RS Project
Preorders will be taken for a double set including one of each the BRS ver and DM ver, at Circle K Sunkus's Official Catalog 'Karuwaza Online Select" from 26th May (Thurs). (The double will cost 2000JPY.)
*You will need to find the product number in the catalog and order via the Karuwaza Station.
*Alternatively you may also order online via the Karuwaza Online catalog.

Curry by Indotei: