Small-logo Release Date: 2011/11

Miku Hatsune: Append

The awakening of the electronic diva.

'Miku Hatsune: Append' is an additional library pack that was added to the Miku Hatsune software to add more to her voice, and featured a design of Miku in a new costume - and now that design of Miku is becoming a 1/8th scale PVC figure, sculpted by Asai Masaki.

The figure is sculpted in the same pose from the front illustration of the packaging - overflowing with a a sense of beauty and a transparent feeling that adds a soft touch to the figure. It's a whole new side to Miku, ready to be enjoyed by fans from all over the world!

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Product Details

Product Name
Miku Hatsune: Append (はつねみく・あぺんど)
Miku Hatsune: Append
Max Factory
1/8th Scale
¥7,429 (Before Tax)
Release Date
Painted 1/9th scale PVC figure with stand included, approximately 235mm in height (including stand).
Asai Masaki
Released by
Max Factory
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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