Release Date: 2007/06

5MAX AT-COLLECTION SERIES CV-04 Commando Vorct Weapon Set

Commando Vorct's weapon set is here! Bokmessa, Zetra and Volk's AT's can now be created!

The weapon set for the 35MAX Commander Vorct series has arrived. If used together with the "Nolden Custom" that went on sale at the same time, you can recreate the AT's of the remaining three members of the team.
Bokmessa's anti-material cannon, pentatrooper and spade ( which supports the AT with a flexible movement system). Zetra's personal sniper rifle and large target visor, and Volk's lightweight shoulder and torso armour. They're all included in the set.
To truly be able to recreate all of the members of Unit 6 at once, it's recommended you buy 4 "Nolden Customs".

Product Details

Product Name
5MAX AT-COLLECTION SERIES CV-04 Commando Vorct Weapon Set (こまんどふぉーくと うえぽんせっと)
Armoured Trooper Votoms: Commando Vorct
Max Factory
Release Date
Max Factory Motion Study Department (Atsushi Yagi)
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