Release Date: 2013/12

Picktam! Attack on Titan: Part 1

The Picktam! series has begun its invasion!

A new series of rubber strap accessories featuring swappable parts! The first set to join the series is none other than the characters from the popular manga and anime series, 'Attack on Titan'!

The set features eight characters including Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Levi, Sasha Braus, Jean Kirschtein, Christa Renz and one secret character! Each character's face part had two sides each with a different expression, allowing you to pick the one that suits your mood best each day!

  • Eren Yeager

  • Mikasa Ackerman

  • Armin Arlert

  • Christa Renz

  • Jean Kirschtein

  • Sasha Braus

  • Levi

  • Elvin Smith

  • Product Sample

  • Swap expressions by turning the face around!

Product Details

Product Name
Picktam! Attack on Titan: Part 1 (ぴくたむ! しんげきのきょじん ぱーと1)
Attack on Titan
Good Smile Company
Accessory , Picktam!
¥681 Each  
Release Date
Rubber trading accessories. A total of 8 to collect including one secret character. Each approximately 60mm in height.
© 諫山創・講談社 / 「進撃の巨人」製作委員会

Early sales of this product will be available at AGF2013 on the 2nd and 3rd November.
Purchasing a full box at this event will also include an extra, see the event page for more details.