MSS-45 Super Clear 100 / MSS-46 Super Clear 70 / MSS-47 Super Clear 50 / MSS-48 Super Clear 0

A new series of diluted clear airbrush paint.

The 'Super Clear' series is a series of clear paints for models. The paint is pre-diluted meaning you don't need to go through the troublesome process yourself - you have access to specific levels of gloss as soon as you need them. The mixture is also made to affect the application of decals as little as possible. The following four levels of gloss will be available.

· Super Clear 100 is a clear paint that gives a complete gloss, leaving you models with a stunning shine.
· Super Clear 70 is a clear paint that provides a somewhat glossy appearance, great for tuning up details on scale models.
· Super Clear 50 is a clear paint that gives a slight gloss for additional nuances on your models.
· Super Clear 0 is a clear paint that gives a completely flat appearance.

Specifications Synthetic Resin Model Paint (Acrylic Lacquer). 4th Category 1st Class Oil Based Dangerous Goods. Danger Rating II. 100ml
Price ¥880 Each  
Release Date 2016/01
Announced on 2015/10/29

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