Chronos Ruler
Chronos Ruler: Acrylic Key Chains with Stands (Victor Alexandervich Putin / Kiri Alexandervich Putin / Mina Putin / Blaze)

Acrylic keychains featuring the character from Chronos Ruler!

From the upcoming anime series Chronos Ruler comes a selection of characters as acrylic chains with stands included. You can easily attach them to your bag and keep them with you wherever you go, or instead sue the stand to put them on display in your collection.

Specifications Material: Acrylic
Size Victor Alexandervich Putin: Approx. W69mm x H115mm / Kiri Alexandervich Putin: Approx. W70mm x H124mm / Mina Putin: Approx. 約W71mm x H114mm / Blaze: Approx. W59mm x H127mm
Price ¥1,019 Each  
Release Date 2017/09
Announced on 2017/06/30

  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.
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