The complete transformation of NEW ARHAN!

From the original anime film 'Expelled from Paradise' comes an action figure of the new-generation exoskeleton powered suit 'NEW ARHAN'! The figure transforms from its ovoid storage form into humanoid form without needing to interchange for replace any parts, creating a true transforming action figure of NEW ARHAN.

All the proportions and details of the original design not been compromised in any way for the transformation, creating a faithful and detailed figure for fans to enjoy in their collection. Additionally, various weapon parts that appeared in the film are also included as optional parts, allowing you to recreate dynamic combat scenes with the figure as well!

驚愕の完全変形 驚愕の完全変形_画像

The transformation that seemed like something that could only be done in CG has been faithfully recreated as a part of the figure. The figure transforms from its ovoid storage form into humanoid form and back whenever you want a change - experience the transformation with your own two hands!

Please see the video above for a closer look at the transformation!

追及されたプロポーション 追及されたプロポーション_画像

Even with the fact that the figure is completely transformable, the NEW ARHAN has been sculpted in intricate detail keeping to the same proportions of the original design and ensuring all details have been included.

Its amazing to touch and transform, but it also is simply incredible to look at!

アクションフィギュアとしての可動域 アクションフィギュアとしての可動域_画像 アクションフィギュアとしての可動域_画像2

The figure features over 20 points of articulation, allowing for all sorts of scenes and fun ways to display it. Create anything from epic combat scenes to simple standing poses to display in your collection!

こだわり抜かれたディティール こだわり抜かれたディティール_画像 こだわり抜かれたディティール_画像2

The details and paintwork all over the figure bring out all sorts of different textures without compromising any details of the design. Stunning detail you would never expect from a transforming figure.


Various weapon parts from the film are included for even more posing opportunities. Recreate your favorite combat scenes in epic detail!

Included Equipment:
Machine Gun x2
Long Barrel Railgun x1
Missile Launcher x2
Blade x1
Shield x1

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