Nendoroid More

What is Nendoroid More?

Nendoroid More is a product brand featuring swappable face plates, outfits and more for making your Nendoroids and Nendoroid Dolls even more fun to play with!

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Nendoroid More Series

Check out these Nendoroid More product lines!

Face Swap Series

"Swappable face plates to make playing with your Nendoroids even more fun!
These face plates can be paired with your own Nendoroids and Nendoroid Dolls.
The series features all kinds of face plates, from easy-to-used everyday expressions to funny expressions that will make you crack up laughing!
Have fun giving your owns Nendoroids new expressions!
Face Swap Series

Dress Up Series

An easy way to give your Nendoroids a cute new look!
Simply attach the head part of your Nendoroid to one of our many Dress Up bodies featuring costumes like suits, kimono and more.
Dress up your favorite Nendoroids to create all kinds of different situations!

Kigurumi Face Parts Case Series

"Store the face plates that come with your Nendoroids in these cute display cases made for holding two face plates.
Storing a face plate in the case will make it look like your Nendoroid is really wearing an adorable kigurumi!