Thrilling to open, fun to collect!

Nendoroid Surprise

What is Nendoroid Surprise?

Nendoroid Surprise is a series of blind box figures measuring in at 70mm in height,
featuring the adorable looks of a Nendoroid in an even smaller, easy-to-collect size. Each box includes a figure and a random surprise part!
You never know what you'll get! Enjoy displaying your own personal collection of Nendoroid Surprise figures!

What is the difference between a Nendoroid and Nendoroid Surprise?

Easy-to-Collect Miniature Size

Nendoroid Surprise figures are 70mm tall.
They're the perfect size to display on a shelf or take with you when you go out!

Affordable Price

Each Nendoroid Surprise figure costs just 1,800 yen.
It is an ideal price point for beginning collectors just starting out with their collections!

Surprise Parts Included

Fun to collect and fun to decorate with! Each figure comes with an exciting surprise part!
Surprise parts vary between each series, with parts matching the unique world of the original work.

Easy to Bring when Going Out

Since the figures feature a fixed, non-movable pose, there's no need to hassle with difficult posing! Immediate usability makes them a perfect choice for collectors who want to bring their favorite characters with them on the go!


Figure Body

Surprise Parts

Easel Stand

  • Sold as collectible, blind-box products.
  • One boxset includes every character figure in the set.
  • Every surprise part in a series cannot be collected with a single boxset. The combination of character figures and surprise parts is random.
  • Image for illustrative purposes. The actual product will differ.

How to Buy

There are two ways to purchase!
They can be preordered prior to release or purchased following release!


\ Preorders Open /

Online Shops,Physical Stores

Nendoroid Surprise products can be preordered at online and physical stores that carry them.
Be sure to put your preorder in during the preorder period to be extra sure you'll receive yours!
Check out our official website and social media for more information!

\ After Release /

After release, figures will be sent out across the globe!

Once the figures are released, they'll be sent straight to you or to a store near you!
Just follow the directions from the store you preordered from and receive your figures!

❷Purchasing After Release

Hobby Stores,General Stores,Online Shops

Figures will be available at physical stores and online shops worldwide!

  • Figures may be sold out at some stores.


What are "surprise parts"?
Surprise parts are optional parts that can be displayed independently of the figures.
How many kinds of surprise parts are there?
Number of surprise parts differs by series. Please check the respective product page.
Are the character figures random?
Surprise parts are random. Each figure is sold in blind box packaging.
Are the surprise parts random?
Surprise parts are random.
Will one boxset include every character figure?
One boxset includes every character figure in the set.
Will one boxset include every surprise part?
One boxset does not include every surprise part in the set.
Can character figure parts be used with other character figures?
It is not recommended since the figures are non-articulated. Head parts can be interchanged.
Where can I buy Nendoroid Surprise figures?
Nendoroid Surprise figures are generally made-to-order, so it is recommended to preorder if you want to ensure that you'll be able to purchase a set.
Figures will also be available for purchase at Good Smile Company partner shops, the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP, the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP US and other stores.
To purchase, please refer to the "Where to Purchase" section on each product page.
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