Danny's Corner Welcome to the English site!


Hello comrades and welcome!

My name is Danny Choo and I'm working on the International Team here at Good Smile Company. I will be bringing you some yummy behind the scenes news and reviews of what goes on here in what I'm tentatively calling Danny's Corner which you can also RSS subscribe to.
I also work with Good Smile's web division - if you have any questions regarding the site please mail me at [danny at goodsmile dot jp].

We have decided to launch the English version of the new site first and will be adding more features and content over time. The Japanese version will relaunch in a few weeks. You can expect features like a mobile/iPhone version of the site, iCal subscribing and community features to get you involved so stay tuned.

About Danny Choo

In my spare time I run a portal site called dannychoo.com - a portal to Japan that focuses on figurines and life in Japan.
I was born in Britannia and came to Japan about 9 years ago to work in the Internet. Since arriving in Japan, some of my positions have included Website Manager for Amazon and CGM Product Manager for Microsoft. I now currently run my own company building web platforms - this site runs on one of our platforms.

In my spare time I walk around Tokyo in Stormtrooper armor and enjoy the world of Japanese figurines.