Information Figure Exhibition at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012


The latest Monster Hunter Nendoroid will be on display at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012!

The latest Nendoroid from the popular Nintendo 3DS game, 'Monster Hunter Tri G', will be on display to the public for the first time at CAPCOM's booth at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2012!

Stop by the booth to enjoy all the Monster Hunter Stage has to offer, and also grab a peek at the upcoming Nendoroid in her G-class 'Bario X' equipment, made from the powerful ice-fanged Barioth!

Item on Display: Nendoroid Hunter: Female Swordsman - Bario X Edition

◆ On Display at the Monster Hunter 4 Special Stage◆
- Business Days -
20th September (Thurs) (Only open to those in the game industry, or press.)
21st September (Fri) (Only open to those in the game industry or press.)

- Public Days -
22nd September (Sat) from 10:30.
23rd September (Sat) from 16:00.
* Latest possible entry into the event is at 16:00.
* Times may differ for certain ticket types.

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