Partner Shops Official Partner Shop Application Page


Thank you for your interest in our partnership program.

Please download the form below and apply to the closest distributor within your country.
You can find your closest distributor here:

If there are no distributors in your country, please send your form to:

We will contact you if we find your shop fulfills our requirements.

The following are requirements and benefits of our partner shops:

  • Must take preorders of all items offered by Good Smile Company.
  • Must not sell bootlegs or counterfeits of Good Smile Company related products.
  • * There will be an annual review (reviewed by distributors). * If shops do not meet the above criteria, Good Smile Company may remove your shop/shops from our partnershop program.
    • Introduced on the Good Smile Company official website (Location, URL, etc)
    • Official Good Smile Company Partner Shop stickers (Large: 297mm×210mm, Small: 148×210mm)
    • Banner (graphic link) for your official webpage.
    • Running of campaigns, just as those in Japanese retail shops.
    • Catalogs and Poster data will be downloadable from a secured site/server.

    *Please note that some time may be required for access to the download site/server.

    Please download the application form below:

    Thank you for your time,
    Good Smile Company.