Information Additional Notice and Apology Regarding figma Yumi Yotsuya Product Defects


Thank you for your continued support of Good Smile Company products.

We previously announced some defects found on figma Yumi Yotsuya on a previous post, however after futher inspection additional defects have been discovered on the product.

Replacement parts will be offered to customers as inquiries are received. We will also be offering complete product replacements if needed. Please see the bottom of this post for further information on requesting partial or complete replacements.

*Please note that it may take some time for our customer support team to respond to your inquiry.

Defect Details

■ Mismatched Parts #1
Some units may come with mismatched arm and leg parts.
Check your figma for the L and R symbols on the arm and leg parts, and contact our customer support team in the case of a mismatch.

■ Mismatched Parts #2
Some units have had the leg parts assembled incorrectly. The correct assembly is shown below. If your product has been assembled incorrectly, please contact our customer support team.

■ Paint Defects
Some units may have paint bleeds, paint drips or other defects.
If you find a similar defect on your product, please contact our customer support team.

■ Regarding Indentations on the Bottom of the Wing Parts
This part of the mold ensures the integrity of the part during manufacturing and is a part of the design.
The reason this was changed from the initial prototype sculpt is because we were concerned about the possibility of problems occurring if these indentations were filled during manufacturing. This change was made with the approval of the licensor.
We sincerely apologize for not providing this information to customers earlier and will ensure to do so in the future.

■Articulative Range of Leg Wing Parts
The correct range of motion for the wing parts on the legs is shown below. If the part does not move up 90° then please contact our customer support team.

■Imprint on Leg Wing Parts
Both the left and right leg wing parts feature an "L" imprint. This is not an error and was done intentionally as part of the manufacturing process.

Request Replacement Parts from Customer Support
Web Form:

*All replacement parts were made at the same time as the figures themselves. We will select parts that correct your specific error. The parts will not be newly manufactured.
*Stock of replacement parts is limited.

Request Complete Reprodution Replacement

Please submit your request here:
Please note that these replacements will be manufactured from scratch, and will only be delivered at an undetermined date in 2022.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding in this matter.We will be strengthening our product inspection procedures in order to prevent defects in the future.

- Max Factory
- Good Smile Company