Cyclion <Type Lavender>

変形体験 New Transforming Figure Debut.

A new transforming figure experience!

The original transforming figure series "Cyclion", created based on an original concept by Basil no Zoukei Tamashii and designed by Tsuyoshi Nonaka, makes its debut! The figures completely transform from stylish robot ladies to motorcycles without the use of additional parts. The figures are also articulated, making for easy transformation and easy posing.

Figures are complete and pre-painted and make use of both translucent materials and metal-plated diecast parts that help the figure balance without a stand. A support base for an even more stable display is also included. The Simple Stand x3 can be used with this figure as well. Interchangeable hand parts (closed, open, weapon-holding) and a support base are included.

Cyclion <Type Lavender>
Release Date:2021/02
Painted ZnDC&ABS transforming figure.




The Cyclion series is a brand new addition to the historied category of transforming bike/robot toys.
Based on the popular "Lady Roses" garage kit by creator Basil no Zoukei Tamashii, the Cyclion original product series has been brought to life by toy designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka. Featuring a classic 80s style and robust articulation, the Cyclion series is like nothing you've seen before.

The figure transforms entirely without the use of interchangeable parts.
The figure's masterful mechanical design makes for a clean, stylish look in both Humanoid Mode and Cycle Mode.


The figure is 165mm in height and is completely transformable and posable.
Several areas of the figure include 3mm attachment holes for posing the figure with weapons or on a display stand.


  • *The bottom right photo is an example featuring figma archetype next:she gray color ver. (sold separately).

The wheels and taillight have been recreated with the use of translucent parts. Metal-plated diecast parts have been utilized to give the front fork and exhaust pipe a metallic appearance.
The figure is 160mm long in Cycle Mode. Figures that are approximately 1/12th scale can be posed riding it.


The front fork is plated with nickel while the exhaust pipe is plated with black nickel.

Diecast parts have been utilized in parts of the legs, making it possible to pose it without a stand in an area less than 2 square centimeters.The reddish purple lines throughout the figure have been created with the use of translucent parts.

Product Name Cyclion <Type Lavender>
Release Date 2021/02
Price ¥8,900
height Approximately 165mm in height.
Specifications Painted ZnDC&ABS transforming figure.
Original Concept Basil no Zoukei Tamashii (Lady Roses)
Cyclion Design Tsuyoshi Nonaka
Planning U-TOM
Production Hiro Tanaka


Preorders End: November 5th, 2020 at 12:00JST



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*Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary.
*Images shown here may differ from the final product.


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  • クロウの不苦労日記-Hobby!さま

  • STALKER/スタルケルさま

  • アルフェス2010さま

  • カタ☆チャンさま

  • イカノマルさま

  • tomoshooさま

  • 井上純一さま

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  • Hungertoyman餓模人さま
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