Release Date: 2022/10

Blythe Lovely Katherines Corner

Lovely Katherines Corner

A kind hearted hugger and generous giver of all time, Katherine is a lovely sweet girl.
She has many gifts and presents waiting for you in a little corner at her home.
She enjoys giving and sharing more than anyone we know.
Katherine makes the world a happier place with her gentle giggles and radiant smile.

The "Lovely Katherines Corner" also coordinates fashion with lovely items ♡.
Using plenty of ruffles, pintucks, lace, and ribbons, the two styles are worn with a striped dress and a cute printed dress or cardigan. And the pink, gray, and green color scheme is perfect for sweet Katherine!

Her overdress features a printed design of the gifts she gives her friends.
The top features a sailor collar, while the skirt area utilizes a design with an open middle, showing her underdress beneath.
It is decorated with lots of frills, lace and ribbons.
The base color is a translucent light gray, which creates a nuanced color overlapped with the pink of the underdress.

The cardigan is a short bolero style with a white fur collar. The sleeves gently extend to her wrists.

Lovely fashion accessories are also selected,
including a beret with bunny ears, a ribbon and colorful pearl beads.
Her earrings are gold-colored and ribbon-shaped, while her a heart-shaped bag has a short handle and shoulder strap accented with gold chains and small ribbons.
From panniers that fit the silhouette of the skirt and lace tights to strappy shoes with bows on the toes, every item has been made with extraordinary care.

The face type is Radiance Evolution and the face color is Cream.
Hair color is the new pink. Hairstyle is long straight hair with bangs.
Makeup is brown for eyeshadow and eyelids (molded color), and special brown for eyelashes. Blush and lips are pink.
Eye color is blue-green (front), light blue (right), brown (front), and light purple (left), all set in special colors!
Nails are also pink.

Face Type: Radiance Evolution 
Face Color: Cream.
Makeup: Eye shadow: brown, Lip: pink, Blush: pink
Eye Color: blue green (front), light blue (right), brown (front), light purple (left) *All special colors
Eyelid: Brown (molded color)
Eyelashes: Special spec brown (jagged cut tips)
Hair color: Pink *New color
Earrings: Ribbon motif
Manicure: Pink
Set includes: Doll, dress (pink and gray), cardigan, beret, earrings, bag, petticoat, shorts, tights, shoes, short stand (foot support type)

*This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
*Specifications may vary from product to product.

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Product Details

Product Name
Blythe Lovely Katherines Corner
Good Smile Company
Release Date
Doll: ABS, PVC, PP, PVDC, Clothing: Polyester, copper, nylon, ABS, rubber, PU, zinc alloy / Size: Approx. 300mm in height.
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