Small-logo Release Date: 2009/09

Character Charm Collection: Manmaru Hachune - Doremifasolati Set

Seven circular charms using seven different colors.♪

The 'Manmaru Hachune' charm collection based on 'Character Vocal Series 01: Miku Hatsune' was originally only sold at events, but is now back with three new designs - adding up to a total of seven designs and ready to be released all over!

Each charm is a perfectly rounded circle, but each type has a different expression for you to pick which suits you. Pick just one that suits your mood, or display them all together - the choice is up to you!

*This is a package of all seven charms in a box, however the box is not shown in the product images.

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Product Details

Product Name
Character Charm Collection: Manmaru Hachune - Doremifasolati Set (きゃらくたーちゃーむこれくしょん まんまるはちゅね どれみふぁそらしせっと)
Character Vocal Series 1: Miku Hatsune
Good Smile Company
¥4,667 (Before Tax)
Release Date
7x ABS&PVC painted accessories in a special box.
Charms are 20mm in diameter.
© おんたま/Crypton Future Media, Inc.