Small-logo Release Date: 2010/05

GSR Character Customize Series Sticket Set 009: Racing Miku

Stickers of the charming Racing Miku in 1/10th scale for your favourite remote-controlled car.

Racing Miku is illustrated by redjuice, as the mascot character to the racing team "Good Smile Racing X COX", and she is now joining the Character Customize Series as 1/10th scale stickers designed for use on remote controlled cars.

You can recreate the atmosphere of the official GT cars by placing a few of the stickers on your favourite cars. Plus there are extra stickers you can use on cellphones, computers or anything else you want to give a dash of Racing Miku to! The stickers are made to stick strong and not fade easily, keeping the original color for as long as possible!

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Product Name
GSR Character Customize Series Sticket Set 009: Racing Miku (ぐっどすまいるれーしんぐ きゃらくたーかすたまいずしりーず しーるせっと009 れーしんぐみく)
Racing Miku
Good Smile Racing
¥1,905 (Before Tax)
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2x A3 pages of 1/10th scale stickers, Made in Japan
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Good Smile Racing
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Good Smile Company
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