Small-logo Release Date: 2010/07

MSS - 31~33 GSR Race Number Decals

Three color variations of high quality, silk-screen printed racing number decals!

Racing numbers were commonly seen on older racing cars or highway race cars, and are now available as decals for your favorite models. Each set of numbers is given in three different fonts, and there are three different colors available to choose from, so you are bound to find the right look for your model!

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Product Details

Product Name
MSS - 31~33 GSR Race Number Decals (MSS-31~33 GSRれーすなんばー でかーる)
GSR Modelers Support Series
Good Smile Racing
GSR Modeler Support Series , Decals/Stickers
¥667 Each (Before Tax)
Release Date
Racing Number Decals available in 3 colors (Black, White and Silver), Size: 200 x 140mm
Released by
Good Smile Racing
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
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