Small-logo Release Date: 2011/06

ex:ride ride.010: Animal Cars

A stampede of animals are joining the ex:ride series!

Vehicles that can be ridden by the figma series of figures are on their way brought to you by FREEing. The tenth set in the series is a very different set of cars - animal cars like the ones found at amusement parks! From the standard "Panda" car, to the more unique "Tiger" and "Bear" cars - they are all going to be available, and they are even fitted with devices that make the legs move backwards and forwards as the car moves!

It's the most unique set of ex:ride vehicles yet, and your favourite figma is bound to want to embrace their inner child and take a ride in one!

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Product Details

Product Name
ex:ride ride.010: Animal Cars (えくすらいど らいど010 あにまる(べあー/ぱんだ/たいがー))
¥2,362 Each (Before Tax)
Release Date
Painted ABS products that are not to scale and approximately 160mm in height
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
Sales Info
First release in 2010/10 with a resale in 2011/06.
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