Release Date: 2011/12

MSS-42 Takumi Tools : Needle-nose Pliers

A thin, reliable tip that will let you make precise adjustments!

A new set of tools called 'Takumi Tools' are joining the GSR Modeller Support Series. One of the first tools to join the series is a pair of needle-nose pliers designed for use with plastic models or any other models that requires careful precision.

These pliers are able to make the smallest of changes with a tiny tip that will let you grab onto whatever is needed with great precision. The long thin pliers are also ideal for reaching into hard to get to spaces, to make small adjustments without damaging the model you are working on. A spare plastic spring with a different strength is also included.

What are the Takumi Tools?

The Takumi Tool Series was created through the experience and ideas of professional modellers, giving high-quality tools to help modellers get the most out of their work. All the problems found in the tools of the past have been corrected, leaving easy-to-use tools that still perform exactly how you expect them to. The Japanese work 'Takumi' means 'Craftsman', and the Takumi tools can help any modeler turn their work into that of a true craftsman - whether you are an expert in the field or an absolute beginner - these tools are designed to be the very best for anyone!

Product Details

Product Name
MSS-42 Takumi Tools : Needle-nose Pliers (MSS-42 たくみつーるず ぴんせっとぺんち)
GSR Modeller Support Series
GSR Modeler Support Series
Release Date
Pliers designed for model work. Made in Japan. 130mm in length.
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Good Smile Racing
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Good Smile Company
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