Release Date: 2008/06

GOODSMILE Alloy Tachikoma

With precision, quality and feel like no other, this is the definitive Tachikoma.

Good Smile is proud to bring you, at long last, its first alloy toy, the Good Smile Alloy Tachikoma! In development for over a year, this veritable marvel of uncompromising engineering precision was created from the ground up to be the very best, the definitive Tachikoma. The hatch can open to reveal a detailed rendition of the cockpit, the motion is smooth and tight enough to recreate even the most demanding poses from the show, its parts can be exchanged for multiple configurations, and it even includes an action figure of Motoko Kusanagi! Our palpable love for this little tank has driven us to perfection, and we are proud to have delivered the result of our compulsion. We only hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we did designing it.

Product Details

Product Name
GOODSMILE Alloy Tachikoma (ぐっどすまいるごうきん たちこま)
Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.
Good Smile Company
Release Date
Non-scale die-cast PVC and ABS poseable model - Tachikoma approximately 210mm in height - Motoko 95mm in height
Yamamoto Youhei
Production Assistance
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