Longriders!: Cycle Wear Series

( Release Date: 2015/04 )

Cycling apparel from the popular 'Longriders!' manga!

From the popular manga 'Longriders' comes a set of cycling apparel featuring the main characters as well as the touring guide's illustration in the series!

  • Longriders! Cycling Jersey
  • Longriders! Cycling Pants
  • Longriders! Cycling Cycling Bib Shorts

Product Details

Product Name: Longriders!: Cycle Wear Series
Series: Longriders!
Manufacturer: Aurora
Category: Cycle Wear
Release Date:2015/04
Released by: AURORA
Distributed by: Good Smile Company
Manufacturing: Champion System
Release Info: First released in November 2013 with a rerelease in February 2013; June/September 2014 and April 2015

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