Release Date: 2008/01

Dengeki Character Card Carriers

And essential item for every commuter's arsenal!

These card carriers are made from high-quality acrylic, and feature unique designs laser etched into their surfaces. The first Shakugan no Shana carrier shows Shana with red hair and eyes, with a firey background, while the second features her silhouette in pearly white, the rest of the case stained yellow, fading to orange. The Horo and Kino cases feature real cloth used to create a unique texture, and finally the Palmtop Tiger case is set against a marbled yellow and white background. Put a transit pass or other machine-read card inside for easy access, and these cases make commuting with your favorite anime character that much easier and safer, with an included chain to prevent loss. Truly a perfect product for both fans and commuters.

Hecate/Toraigon Shakugan no Shana red hair and eyes card case, Shakugan no Shana silhouette card case, Spice and Wolf Horo card case, Kino's Journey card case, Toradora! "Palmtop Tiger" card case are all available.

Product Details

Product Name
Dengeki Character Card Carriers (でんげききゃらくたーぱすけーす)
Shakugan no Shana, Spice and Wolf, Kino's Journey, Toradora!
Good Smile Company
Release Date
Acrylic card case - 75mm X 105mm - Metal ball chain included
animate shops across Japan
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