Release Date: 2014/01

Shirukuma & wooser's Chummy Shiruko Sets

Pour some boiling water over wooser and enjoy a delicious treat!

wooser is collaborating with Belle Maison's popular 'Shirukuma Cafe' to create a special wooser edition of the tasty treat! Two different sets are available - one includes 'Hokkaido Aduki Beans and Chestnut Shiruko' and 'Sendai Specialty Soybean Shiruko', and the other includes 'Kyoumaccha Shiruko' and 'Kagoshima Potato and Chestnut Shiruko'.

All are carefully made and freeze-dried by the famous Kanagawa brand, Kagadane. A special Shirukuma original rubber strap is also included that isn't available anywhere else! Be sure to keep warm this Winter with some delicious oshiru!

* Inside each outer shell is freeze-dried oshiruko soup.
Simply place it in a cup, add 80ml of boiling water and enjoy!

The set that includes all flavors together can be purchased from Karuzawa Online.

  • Easy to make! Just add 80ml of boiling water, mix and enjoy!

Product Details

Product Name
Shirukuma & wooser's Chummy Shiruko Sets (しるくまとうーさーのもっとなかよしるこせっと)
wooser's hand-to-mouth life: awakening arc
Good Smile Company
Release Date
Kagadane Shokuhin Kogyo.,
Planning Assistance
©Project wooser 2 ©Senshukai

This product can also be purchased as two separate items.

Shirukuma & wooser's Chummy Shiruko

  • Specifications 1x Hokkaido Aduki Beans and Chestnut Shiruko, 1x Sendai Specialty Soybean Shiruko (One Serving Each) / Strap accessory approximately 50mm in size.
  • Price ¥1,280
  • Bonus Shirukuma Rubber Strap

wooser & Shirukuma's Chummy Shiruko

  • Specifications 1x Kyoumaccha Shiruko, 1x Kagoshima Potato and Chestnut Shiruko (One Serving Each) / Strap accessory approximately 50mm in size.
  • Price ¥1,280
  • Bonus wooser Rubber Strap