Arika Yumemiya Soft Vinyl Figure

( Release Date: 2008/05 )

The energetic, clumsy Otome!

Hirokazu Hisayuki is well-known as the character designer and animation director of the My-Hime and My-Otome series. This is part of a figure series that is putting all three characters from the front cover of his art book "MAIHIME-Hirokazu Hisayuki -Art Works-" into beautiful figures.
From My-Otome comes the energetic Coral maid "Arika Yumemiya"! Her dream is to become a Meister Otome, like her mother was before her. The three are positioned just like the original illustration, so they'll look best arranged as they did in the illustration.

Product Details

Product Name: Arika Yumemiya Soft Vinyl Figure
Series: Hirokazu Hisayuki Character Collection My-Otome
Manufacturer: Art Storm
Category: Soft vinyl
Price ¥6,476 (Before Tax)
Release Date:2008/05
Specifications: Complete painted soft vinyl figure - not to scale - approximately 330mm in height
Sculptor: Studio LILICS
© サンライズ

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