Small-logo Release Date: 2008/12

Unity Yuno

She's a perfect bride with a great body and flawless cooking!

Unity Yuno is the heroine of Unison Shift Accent's latest game, Unity Marriage ~The Two Brides~ and the latest creation by Akifumi Ozawa, who illustrated both Melissa Seraphy and ChuChu Astram. This gorgeous girl is sculpted and colored in detail to match the concept illustration, and the effort has really paid off, especially in the clear-cast hearts and wings at her hips, not to mention the breast pieces, which can be removed to show off some serious skin! Even the pedestal, which bears her symbol, is crafted with precision, making this a very complete and sexy package.

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Product Details

Product Name
Unity Yuno (ゆにてぃゆーの)
Unity Marriage ~The Two Brides~
Good Smile Company
1/8th Scale
¥6,476 (Before Tax)
Release Date
Complete painted PVC figure - 1/8 scale - approximately 190mm in height
Hironori Tokunaga
2008ユニゾンシフト/SOFTPAL Inc.

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