wooser's hand-to-mouth life: phantasmagoric arc
wooser's Towel of Love, Dreams and Illusion

A newly designed towel from wooser's hand-to-mouth life!!

From the anime series 'wooser's hand-to-mouth life: phantasmagoric arc' comes a towel featuring wooser! The towel is a refreshing blue color and features wooser's words of appreciation. Use it at home, at events or anywhere else!

This product will be sold prior to release at 'character1' and 'Machi Asobi vol.14'.
character1 Event Information: http://event.goodsmile.info/event/event-2671/
Machi Asobi vol.14 Event Information: http://event.goodsmile.info/event/event-2674/

Specifications Material: Cotton
Size Approx. 420x1200mm
Price ¥2,200  
Release Date 2015/05
Announced on 2015/04/17

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