Release Date: 2015/07

LoveLive! Color Liquid Eyeliner
(Natural Orange / Sky Blue / Olive Grey / Navy Blue / Sunlight Yellow / Cardinal Red / Pansy Purple / Leaf Green / Hot Pink)

Liquid eyeliner based on the image colors of the LoveLive! μ's members!

From the popular anime series 'LoveLive!' comes a selection of color liquid eyeliners based on the image colors of the μ's members, as Good Smile Company's first ever cosmetic product! The design of the eyeliner case is based on the hair accessories, ribbons, neck-ties and other accessories from the 'Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki' outfits. The eyeliner itself is smooth and easy to apply, but does not fall off easily, keeping your eyes looking vivid and beautiful all day long. It's a great product for LoveLive! fans, but is also designed for practical use - for special events or just everyday use!

1) Nine different colors to choose from, each keeping to their respective character's image.
2) Does not sink into skin easily, leaving a vivid color for longer.
3) The eyeliner is strong against sweat and skin oils, meaning it won't run easily.
4) Can be easily removed with lukewarm water when needed.
5) Allows for anything from super fine to thick lines.
6) Includes a moisturiser, making it gentle to the skin.

LoveLive! Color Liquid Eyeliner Products
Natural Orange (Honoka Kosaka): A gentle, easy to use color. Includes hydrolysed honey protein.
Sky Blue (Eli Ayase): For an intellectual, cool gaze. Includes sodium hyaluronate.
Olive Grey (Kotori Minami): A calm and composed color. Includes hydrolyzed silk.
Navy Blue (Umi Sonoda): A darker, subtle color to add charm to the eyes. Includes saxifrage extract.
Sunlight Yellow (Rin Hoshizora): A bright color to freshen up your mood. Includes chamomile flower extract.
Cardinal Red (Maki Nishikino): For a cute and confident look. Includes centifolia flower extract.
Pansy Purple (Nozomi Tojo): Sexy and mysterious. Includes Japanese green gentian extract.
Leaf Green (Hanayo Koizumi): For a gentle, ladylike apperance. Includes aloe vera leaf extract.
Hot Pink (Nico Yazawa): A color ready for a party! Girly and fun! Includes peach leaf extract.

This product can be preordered at animate stores, ACOS (Ikebukuro, Akihabara) and animate online.

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Product Details

Product Name
LoveLive! Color Liquid Eyeliner (Natural Orange / Sky Blue / Olive Grey / Navy Blue / Sunlight Yellow / Cardinal Red / Pansy Purple / Leaf Green / Hot Pink) (らぶらいぶ!からーりきっどあいらいなー なちゅらるおれんじ/すかいぶるー/おりーぶぐれい/ねいびーぶるー/さんらいといえろー/かーでぃなるれっど/ぱんじーぱーぷる/りーふぐりーん/ほっとぴんく)
Good Smile Company
Release Date
Liquid-type Eyeliner. Size: Approx. 9x126x9mm (WxHxD). Made in Japan.
Released by
Good Smile Company
Manufactured/Distributed by
Natural Cosmetics
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