wooser's hand-to-mouth life: phantasmagoric arc
wooser Acrylic Keychains (Gymnastics Ver. / Animal Parfait Ver. / Relaxed Animal Ver. / wooser's Name Plate Ver.)

Large acrylic keychains featuring wooser and friends!

From 'wooser's hand-to-mouth life: phantasmagoric arc' comes various acrylic keychains featuring wooser and friends! There are four different versions each with their own charms, but all four are rather large-sized to make sure everyone notices them! Attach them to your bag for hang them in your room... the possibilities are endless!

Specifications Acrylic Keychains
Size Gymnastics Ver.: 87x140mm / Animal Parfait Ver. 135x90mm / Relaxed Animal Ver. 90x120mm / wooser's Name Plate Ver. 118x115mm
Price ¥1,019 Each  
Release Date 2015/09
Announced on 2015/08/07

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