Release Date: 2008/03

Fairytale Series 01: Alice in Wonderland

The birth of the Fairytale series that makes use of a new type of runner!

This figure is part of the "GENEBLOCK" series brought to you by ATELIER-SAI. A brand new toy series making use of the freshly developed multi-runners has started! The series has been titled the "Fairytale Series", and the first set of figures is modeled off "Alice in Wonderland". The main character Alice, as well as the bunnies, and card soldiers have all been made into GENEBLOCK toys. The simplicity of making various situations with the toys has become even easier with the new "multi-runners". With these new parts the GENEBLOCK world is going to be expanding!

Product Details

Product Name
Fairytale Series 01: Alice in Wonderland (おとぎしりーず01 ふしぎのくにのありす)
Fairytale Series
Release Date
Ready-to-assemble ABS trading figures - not to scale - approximately 120-150mm in height (varies depending on the model made) - 9 variations and one secret variation. (Special tools will be required to remove parts from the runner.)
¥840 each
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