Release Date: 2016/08

KOTORI loves. 201 GIRLS und PANZER

Headphones featuring a GIRLS und PANZER design!

GIRLS und PANZER is joining the KOTORI loves. 201 series of full-size headphones!
The design is filled with the emblems of Oarai Girls High School.

What is 'KOTORI loves.'?
KOTORI loves. is a series of original headphones created as a joint project between the earphones with customizable parts 'KOTORI' and Good Smile Company. KOTORI headphones are known for their high acoustic quality that has been constantly improved over the past 60 years based on ongoing feedback from their customers.

Good Smile Company has taken these headphones and come up with fun-filled designs and ideas based on anime series and more for fans to enjoy. Enjoy your music and other audio in high quality, while also enjoying the unique designs featuring themes and elements from your favorite series!

Product Details

Product Name
KOTORI loves. 201 GIRLS und PANZER
Good Smile Company
Audio , KOTORI loves.
Release Date
Size: 150x90x200mm (WxDxH). Cable Length: 1.5m
  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.
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