Racing Miku 2015 Ver.
Speed Clean 300ml Racing Miku 2015 vol.1/vol.2/vol.3

A collaboration product between Speed Clean and Racing Miku 2015!

An item made in collaboration between 'Speed Clean', the deodorant created with technology from cleaning racing suits as well as Racing Miku 2015 Ver.! From uniforms, underweat, gloves, helmets and more, Speed Clean removes all unpleasany odours and bacteria from even the most difficult to clean items of clothing. It also acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-virus. It is also certified safe and can be used around small children and pets without any problems.

*Stock is limited. Order early to avoid disappointment.

Specifications Ingrdients: Stable hypochlorous acid. 300ml
Price ¥3,300 Each  
Release Date 2016/03
Announced on 2016/03/04

  • Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary.
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