Release Date: 2007/11

Primula's Little Big Adventure!?

A talking nendoroid has arrived as an extra!

From the popular PC game and anime "Shuffle!"!.
Modelled off the special edition desktop accessory that was released with the anime DVD, comes a new game which stars the popular "younger sister" character "Primula"!. You control the little Primula in her adventures to all kinds of worlds.

Included in this package, is a Nendoroid of the Primula from the game. She's been sculpted with an expressionless, but cute face. The set comes complete with both of her stuffed cats "Kurodama" and "Shirodama". This is the birth of a new "talking" nendoroid - each of the separate versions comes loaded with a gadget that allows it to speak different lines. It's the first ever "Talking Nendoroid"!

Product Details

Product Name
Primula's Little Big Adventure!? (ぷりむらのちっちゃなだいぼうけん!?)
Nendoroid Plus
Release Date
Talking Nendoroid Primula (Normal Version)
Figure Specifications
Complete painted PVC&ABS poseable figure - talks - not to scale - approximately 130mm in height
Minimum Requirements
OS - Windows2000/XP/VistaCPU - Pentium 1GHz or betterRAM - 256MB or moreVideo Card - 32MB or more (must support DirectX8.1 or higher) (nVidia's GeForce series or ATI's RADEON series or better are compatible.) DirectX - DirectX 9.0 is included on the CD-ROM (It will be installed during installation)
Please Note
- Without the above minimum requirements the game may not run correctly.- The game is designed to work with local systems and thus it may not be compatible with foreign operating systems. There will be no support regarding this matter.- The product has been checked for viruses by the most recent anti-virus software but there is always a possibility of infection from sources other than the game itself so please be sure to check for viruses.- Please note that certain integrated chipsets (such as the i810) may not operate correctly due to lack of chipset performance. Special models and modded models of cards may not work correctly.- The software and all accessories included with it are copyrighted by the following respective owners© 2007 Omegavision Inc./SHUFFLE! Media Partners  © Origo Craze/FREEing- Please direct any support inquiries to the following-Good Smile Company LTD. Tel
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