THPA-CB: THP-01 Headphone Cable

A special full length silver-plated optical fiber cable.

TOON WORKSHOP is a lifestyle brand made in collaboration between GOOD SMILE COMPANY and Mr. Hahn (Linkin Park). The first product in this series was the THP-01 headphones, a set of transforming headphones made from 256 intricately sculpted parts. This silver-plated optical fiber cable is an optional extra for the headphones that features a TPE and nylon mesh cover to protect the high quality cable from twisting or breaking. The gold plated connector comes with a 1/4'' jack that can be converted to a 3.5mm stereo jack.


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Wire Silver Plated Optical Fiber Cable
Cover TPE & Nylon Mesh
Jack Gold Plated
Cord Approx. 130cm
Price ¥7,700  
Release Date 2016/03
Announced on 2016/03/16

  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.