Racing Miku 2015 Ver.
Tabletop Parasol: Racing Miku 2015 Nendoroid Ver.

A tabletop parasol featuring the Nendoroid illustration of Racing Miku 2015!

The official mascot character of the Hatsune Miku GT Project 'Racing Miku 2015' in Nendoroid form on a miniature tabletop parasol to display by your side! The flat surface of the parasol allows for the full illustration to be displayed without hindrance. The parasol also opens and closes just like a real parasol, but is small and compact allowing you to easily display it on your desk or together with your figures.

Specifications Material: Fabric: 100% Polyester. Pole: Plated Iron. Handle: Plastic. Parasol Diameter: Approx. 100mm
Price ¥3,056  
Release Date 2016/10
Announced on 2016/04/08

  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.
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