Release Date: 2006/11

Mizuho Kazami

The beautiful, essential Mizuho Kazami is finally here from GSC!

From her pulled back hair and overflowing bust to the soft sensuous thighs barely contained by her bikini, Ms. Mizuho's charm cannot be denied. Everything about this sculpt, down to her position in the clear-cast chair and the way her hand holds the detailed parfait cup, evokes a playful summer scene while still exuding a fascinating mature sensibility. It would be no exaggeration to say that Mizuho is among the best subjects for a stunningly sexy figure such as this, and Good Smile brings nothing but the best quality to her already gorgeous visage.

Product Details

Product Name
Mizuho Kazami (かざみみずほ)
Please! Teacher
Good Smile Company
1/7th Scale
Release Date
Complete painted PVC figure - 1/7 scale
Shigeru Yamazaki
© Please!/バンダイビジュアル

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