Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-
Touken Ranbu Heart Badges: Collection Five

Heart-shaped Touken Ranbu badges to collect!

From Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- comes a collection of heart-shaped badges! The fifth line-up includes twelve different characters including Juzumaru Tsunetsugu, Gotou Toushirou, Shinano Toushirou, Hakata Toushirou, Akashi Kuniyuki, Monoyoshi Sadamune, Nagasone Kotetsu, Urashima Kotetsu, Higekiri, Hizamaru, Fudou Yukimitsu and Nihongou! Be sure to collect them all!

*This product is a collectible product. Each purchase is random. Available from stores and sales machines.

Price ¥306 Each  
Release Date 2016/10
Released by Gift
Distributed by Good Smile Company
Announced on 2016/10/14

Where to Purchase

■ Prerelease Sales
Available prior to standard release at certain animate stores from late October 2016.

■ Standard Sales
Available at all stores that make use of Gift Capsule products from November 2016.

  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.
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