Icchibanketsu -ONLINE-
Oshikura Magnets: Icchibanketsu -ONLINE- (Jiraiya / Takemikazuchi)

Icchibanketsu -ONLINE- is joining the 'Oshikura' magnets series!

Icchibanketsu -ONLINE- is joining the 'Oshikura' series of straps with magnets that connect at their bottoms! The straps can also connect to other metal surfaces, so you can use them as standard magnets as well. Grab your favorite two characters and connect them as a pair!

Specifications Material: Strap: Acrylic / Chain: Iron / Magnet: Neodymium magnet
Price ¥990 Each  
Release Date 2017/01
Released by ORANGE ROUGE
Distributed by Good Smile Company
Announced on 2016/11/11
Planning/Production Good Smile Company

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