Release Date: 2007/05

Klaus' Vanship

I'll cross over the Grand Stream, as my father always dreamed to.

From Last Exile, the story of war and class struggle in the open sky, comes Klaus' vanship, the small aircraft he uses to pursue his father's dream of crossing the Grand Stream, a mysterious, persistent storm which turns back all who attempt to conquer it. His most prized posession and sole inheritance from his father, his vanship sees him through the myriad struggles and pain he encounters while caught up in events much larger than himself.

This expertly sculpted model is so detailed, it looks as though it might fly off at any moment. Even the gauges and foot pedals are perfectly reproduced, and the included figures of Klaus and Lavi can of course sit in their respective cockpits. This is truly an essential part of a Last Exile fan's collection.

Product Details

Product Name
Klaus' Vanship (う゛ぁんしっぷ くらうすき)
Good Smile Company
Other Scale
Release Date
Complete painted ABS statue - not to scale - spans approximately 190mm
Sold by
Good Smile Company.
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