Release Date: 2017/02

DramaCD Break Free (epilogue B)

Drama CD featuring a cast of exceptional voice actors.

The drama CD "Break free" includes the full script in English with Noriaki Sugiyama as Nobuaki Matsudaira, Junko Takeuchi as Kaito Nishiaki, Yuichi Nakamura as Takao Matsudaira, Daisuke Namikawa as Kenji Edwards, Sayaka Ohara as Hiromi Hojo and Rie Kugimiya as Rin Koyama.

■ Track list
◇ Disc 1〔52min.〕
1. 10 years ago
2. Meeting again
3. Closer
4. A step forward
5. Personal space

◇Disc 2 – Pattern B with Epilogue B〔50min./Ep:9min.〕
1. Setback
2. Pushing through
3. Coming to a head
4. Seeing the light
5. Christmas with the family
Epilogue B
6. Kenji and Takao
7. Nobuaki and Kaito
8. Free talk corner

Nobuaki Matsudaira: Noriaki Sugiyama
Kaito Nishiaki: Junko Takeuchi
Takao Matsudaira: Yuichi Nakamura
Kenji Edwards: Daisuke Namikawa
Hiromi Hojo: Sayaka Ohara
Rin Koyama: Rie Kugimiya
Jiro Matsudaira: Takashi Matsuyama
Mrs. Matsudaira: Ai Sato
Roger Kleese: Tessho Genda
Kaori Mizusaki
Mizuki Torato
Yurika Hayama

Original Script: Raz B
Illustration: Shiro Yamada
Sound Production: OMO Co., Ltd.
Planning & Production: Leaves and Bonds Enterprises

Nobu has always put his family first, even before his own dreams. Just when he's about to resign himself to the future his father has planned for him, a boy he met 10 years ago reappears and turns his whole world view upside down. Will Kaito be able to show him what it's like to live a life that's more free?

Matsudaira Nobuaki Age: 21
Though somewhat reserved, Nobu is a quick-witted and ambitious young man who’s just graduated from law school. He loves philosophy, history, and baseball. Logical thinking is one of his best traits, and because of the way he was raised, he often feels the need to excel at everything he attempts. His biggest fears are failure and disappointing his family.

Nishiaki Kaito Age: 18
Kaito is a precocious teen who uses poetry and painting as outlets for dealing with a difficult childhood. He is a cancer survivor, and therefore believes in chasing dreams and living life without regrets. “Life’s too short” is one of his mottos. He is a hard worker who often pushes his body to the limits, even if it means ignoring the concerns of those closest to him.

Matsudaira Takao Age: 26
Takao is Nobu’s older brother who exchanged the opportunity to work in the Ministry of Finance for a career as a talent manager at a publishing house in Tokyo. His desire to live his own life has caused a rift in the family. He is a very intelligent and perceptive man with a sadistic sense of humor. His favorite hobbies include literature and teasing Nobu.

Kenji (Ken) Edwards
Ken is a jack of all trades, especially when it comes to business matters. He tutored Kaito while they were in the U.S. together. Even if they aren’t related by blood, he treats Kaito as a little brother, although sometimes the roles appear reversed.

Koyama Rin Age: 16
Rin is Kaito’s good friend who is like a little sister to him. She is a bubbly girl who enjoys art and dreams of writing her own manga one day.

Hōjō Hiromi Age: 23
Hiromi is Nobu’s potential fiancee. She’s a few years older than him and already a lawyer at a well-known Tokyo firm.

Product Details

Product Name
DramaCD Break Free (epilogue B) (どらまCD ぶれーく ふりー (えぴろーぐ B))
Break Free
Release Date
2-disk CD set
Released by
Leaves and Bonds Enterprises
Distributed by
Leaves and Bonds Enterprises
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