Release Date: 2022/07

High-Grade Electronic Toy Elucidator: Special Edition

The Black Swordsman's Elucidator — Special Edition

The High-Grade Electronic Toy Elucidator is a part of Good Smile Company and Cerevo's cutting-edge High-Grade Electronic Toy series of recreations of items from anime and manga series.

From the anime series "Sword Art Online" comes a 1/1 high-grade replica of The Black Swordsman Kirito's demonic-class one-handed sword, Elucidator! Utilizing the latest technology in collaboration with the company Cerevo,
Good Smile Company has produced a replica that incorporates light, sound and movement like never before.

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Product Contents

  • Elucidator
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • USB Cable for Recharging Battery (USB Type-C to USB-A)
  • Quick Setup Guide / Warranty Certificate
  • Carrying Case with Metal Plate Decoration

Recreate Sword Skills

  • The sword's gyro sensor and over 700 LED lights respond to your movements with dazzling light and high-quality sound.
  • Gripping, readying and attacking with the sword produces sound corresponding to your movements.*1

Starburst Stream

  • The 16-hit Sword Skill can be activated through voice command or a button at the base of the sword.
  • While the Sword Skill is active, music from the anime series will play and the sounds produced by Sword Skills will change.
  • *The Dual Blades Skill has been specially recorded for this product.

Smartphone Connection

  • By wirelessly connecting Elucidator to your smartphone, the following features are possible:*2
  • In addition to Normal Mode, Elucidator can be switched to Display Mode, in which the sword periodically flashes with light, and Flash Mode, in which the sword's light constantly shines.
  • The color of the light can be freely set with RGB sliders.
  • Play sounds from your smartphone in accordance to Elucidator's movements.
  • Use Sound Mode to freely play Elucidator's various sounds.

Special Edition

  • The Special Edition features parts made with anodized aluminium and a real sheepskin leather grip for an even more authentic look and feel.
  • Includes a specially made carrying case with metal plate decoration. Case has space for Elucidator, three batteries and USB charging cable.

*Batteries only available for purchase in Japan.

*1 On-board Sword Skills:
· SLANT (A diagonal slash.)
· VERTICAL (A slash from above.)
· VERTICAL ARC (A slash from above, then vertically from below.)
· HORIZONTAL (A slash from the side.)
· VORPAL STRIKE (A stab through the middle.)
· STARBURST STREAM (Activated by voice command or by pressing the function button.)
*2 A special application is necessary for smartphone connection. The application will be available as a free download at a later date.

*This product is intended for ages 15 and over. Only available for purchase in Japan, China, Taiwan and the USA. Customer support will not be offered in other territories.

Product Details

Product Name
High-Grade Electronic Toy Elucidator: Special Edition
Sword Art Online
Good Smile Company
Release Date
Size: Approx. 1125mm
Weight: Approx. 1.1kg (With Battery Pack)
Materials: ABS&PC-ABS, Sheepskin Leather, Aluminum
Sensor: 6 Axis Gyro Sensor (Acceleration, Angular Velocity)
Wireless Connection: Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
Smartphone Application OS: iOS/Android
Battery: Lithium Ion Battery (Rechargeable Battery Pack)

Battery Specifications:
Size: Φ44mmx93mm
Weight: 85g
Capacity: 3100mAh/11.47Wh
Input: DC5V 1A
Output: DC3.6V 3.6A
*There was a change to the battery's listed capacity specifications.
Please note that this does not affect the operation time or charging time.
Hours of Operation: Fully Illuminated: 1 Hour / Using Sword Skills: 2-3 Hours

≪Carrying Case with Metal Plate Decoration≫
Size: Approx. W1300 × D300 × H150mm
Weight: Approx. 5kg
Manufacturing/Development: Cerevo
  • Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.
©2017 川原 礫/KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス/SAO-A Project

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