What are Nendoroids?

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What are Nendoroids?
Over 400 in the Series!

After a long, hard day everybody needs something to calm their nerves... and the Nendoroid series is perfect for that! The adorable palm-sized figures with a 'chibi' design are here to keep you company!

They'll stay by your side as long as you want, always ready to bring a smile to your face!

What are Nendoroids?
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The Explanind Nendoroid World
Nendoroid Petite The Nendoroid Petite series are smaller figures, about 65mm in height each. They're a little smaller, but just as fun to collect!
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Nendoroid More Alternate outfits, extra parts and even clip and suction stands! Make Nendoroids even more enjoyable!
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Straps, plushies and more with designs based on Nendoroid illustrations! Just as cute, just in different forms!
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Mix and match the parts of various outfits to create your very own dress coordinations! An all new style of playing with Nendoroids!♪
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