Release Info Release Dates and Changes for March 2013 Products


The following are confirmed dates and changes for March 2013 products.
For a complete list of upcoming release dates, please see the Product Release Schedule.

Confirmed Products for March 2013
● Shipping out from GSC on the 25th March
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Erica Hartmann
Phat! Company - Twin Pack: Yukiko Amagi & Chie Satonaka

● Shipping out from GSC on the 26th March (Tues)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Hunter: Female Swordsman - Bario X Edition

● Shipping out from GSC on the 27th March (Wed)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7: Hero's Edition
FREEing - Rana Linchen: Sexy Ver.
FREEing - The Black Haired Shine Priestess, Rayleigh
FREEing - Rin Tohsaka: Yukata ver.
Phat! Company - Nendoroid Lily from anim.o.v.e
Phat! Company - Twin Pack: Yu Narukami & Rise Kujikawa

● On sale from the 30th March (Sat)
Max Factory - figma Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie ver.

The following products have had their release dates changed:

Changed to April 2013
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Mikudayo
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD Saber drives Super Saber Special
Good Smile Racing - GSR Hatsune Miku BMW: 2012 Season Opening ver.
Good Smile Racing - GSR ProjectMirai BMW 2012 Season Opening ver.
Good Smile Racing - GSR ProjectMirai BMW 2012: Second Leg Fuji ver.
FREEing - Nanoha Takamachi: CW-AEC00X Fortress & CW-AEC02X Strike Cannon
FREEing - Kanade Suzutsuki
FREEing - Arshes Nei
Phat! Company - Prisma Illya (Manga ver.)
Penguin Parade - Petanko Madoka Kaname
Penguin Parade - Petanko Homura Akemi
Penguin Parade - Petanko Mami Tomoe
Penguin Parade - Petanko Kyouko Sakura
Penguin Parade - Petanko Sayaka Miki
Penguin Parade - Petanko Madoka Magica Special Package (Includes Kyubey)

We wish to apologise for the further delays of 'GSR Hatsune Miku BMW 2012: Season Opening ver.' and 'GSR ProjectMirai BMW 2012: Season Opening ver.', however we wish to ensure these products reach you with the best possible quality.

Changed to May 2013
Phat! Company - Bayonetta

Other products not mentioned yet are still in the final stages of quality control and as soon as we have a set date we will inform you.

(Please note that the actual date of products releasing in stores will differ depending on your location. Weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances may also delay products - we will inform you as soon as possible if this is the case.)