Information Swapping Parts on the Picktam!: Attack on Titan Straps


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This post explains how to switch parts on the recently released Picktam! Attack on Titan rubber straps.

This page explains how to switch expressions on Picktam! straps.

First remove the hook that is connected to the 'Picktam! Bar'.

(The Picktam Bar is the black section that sticks out the top of the expression)

Once the hook is removed you can seperate the Picktam strap into three parts: The hair, the face and the body Picktam! face parts have an alternate expression on the reverse side, allowing you to pick the one you prefer.

When putting the parts back together, following this order is best:

1. Connect the hair and the face parts together first.

2. Slide the head onto the Picktam! Bar.
3. Reattach the hook, and enjoy your Picktam!

What to do when the Picktam Bar will not slide through?

Please see the product warnings section on the support page below.
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