Release Info Release Dates and Changes for June 2019


The following are release dates and changes for June 2019 products.

For a complete list of upcoming release dates, please see the Product Release Schedule.
Please note these are the release dates for Japan. The overseas shipping dates may differ from the dates listed below.

The following release dates have been confirmed:

Shipping out from the 17th June 2019:
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto: CLEAR Ver. (JAN:4580416906999)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Ayano Hanesaki (JAN:4580416906562)
Good Smile Arts Shanghai - Nendoroid Feng Baobao (JAN:4580416906869)
ORANGE ROUGE - Imanotsurugi (JAN:4545784042601)
Max Factory - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Heroes Series #1 (Rerelease) (JAN:5011921087440/BOX JAN:5011921087433)
16 directions - MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Carry-on Luggage (JAN:4589763297989)

Shipping out from the 19th June 2019:
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Hinata Miyake (JAN:4580416906708)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Hunter: Female Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Edition (JAN:4580416906746)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Hunter: Female Xeno’jiiva Beta Armor Edition - DX Ver. (JAN:4580416906753)

Shipping out from the 20th June 2019:
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Mega Man X (JAN:4580416906661)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid More: Rabbit Ride Armor (JAN:4580416906678 )
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Zhuge Liang (JAN:4580416907804)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Gilgamesh (Rerelease) (JAN:4571368443915)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Envy (JAN:4580416906593)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Hermione Granger (JAN:4580416906906)
Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Saber Alter: Super Movable Edition (Rerelease) (JAN:4580416907507)
Good Smile Company - Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order Collectible Figures Episode 3 (JAN:4580416950664/BOX JAN:4580416950671)
GOODSMILE RACING - 1/32nd Scale Mercedes-AMG Team GOOD SMILE 2018 SUZUKA 10H Ver. (JAN:4560392844140)
Good Smile Arts Shanghai - Nendoroid Theresa: Magical Girl TeRiRi Ver. (JAN:4580416907354)
Phat! Company - Parfom Evangelion Unit-01: Metallic Ver. (JAN:4560308575342)
Phat! Company - Aqua (JAN:4589496589610)
FREEing - Hatsune Miku: Wedding Dress Ver. (JAN:4571245298188)
FREEing - Yui Yuigahama: Bunny Ver. (JAN:4571245298263)
TOMYTEC - Nendoroid Ena Toyosaki (JAN:4543736289234)
PLM - Dioramansion 150: Edo (Rerelease) (JAN:4562292884141)
PLM - Dioramansion 150: Hospital (JAN:4562292885063)
PLM - Dioramansion 150: Airport (JAN:4562292885070)
PLM - Dioramansion 150: Racing Miku 2019 Pit Optional Panel (Team UKYO Support Ver.) (JAN:4562292885056)

The following products have had their release dates changed:

Delayed from June 2019 to July 2019:
Max Factory - Assassin/Shuten-Douji (JAN:4545784042649)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay and hope for your understanding in this matter.

Other products not mentioned yet are still in the final stages of quality control and as soon as we have a set date we will inform you. Please note that the actual date of products releasing in stores will differ depending on your location. Weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances may also delay products, however we will inform you as soon as possible if this is the case.