Release Date: 2022/10

X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022 Catalog

The exhibition catalog from "X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022".
The catalog is A4 size with 200 pages featuring exhibited items and reference materials, as well as conversations between Rikuo Mikami (Director) and Ryuji Kawasaki (Camera Operator) and conversations between Fuyuki Shinada and MAX Watanabe. (Contents are in Japanese.) It's a must-have item for all fans!

Main contents

  • About 100 items such as dolls, mecha, head plaster prototypes and other existing props restored by Fuyuki Shinada are recorded in photos taken from several angles.
  • Includes documentation of the restoration process by Fuyuki Shinada.
  • Valuable photos of the production process of the approximately 1-meter-long Big Dai X created by Hilma Model Craft used in creating the series.
  • Behind-the-scenes still photos of Cosmo Pro creation of main scenes and special effect scenes.
  • Photos of Go Nagai, Rikuo Mikami and Keisuke Fujikawa during their visit to NASA in the US during the planning stage of the X-BOMBER.
  • Design drawings and drawings by Go Nagai, Dynamic Pro, Akira Takahashi, Masaharu Kawamori and others that detail the transition from illustration to 3D to film.
  • Original untrimmed illustrations by Tatsuji Kajita.
  • Conversations between Fuyuki Shinada and MAX Watanabe, two friends connected by a shared interest in model crafting.
  • Interviews with X-BOMBER Director Rikuo Mikami, Camera Operator Ryuji Kawasaki, Shinichi Wakasa and Fuyuki Shinada.

*This item is planned to be on sale from October 8 to October 16, 2022 at the X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022 and online at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP from October 11, 2022.

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X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022 Catalog
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■ X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022 (Advance Sale)
This product is available for purchase at X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022.
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X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022